Have you got a redundancy Plan?
Have you got a financial plan for Redundancy?
23rd November 2020
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Budget 2021 – The mid-pandemic Budget
7th March 2021
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Investment Management Services & Discretionary Portfolio Management

investment management discretionary portfolio management

If you wish to achieve your financial goals, you should regularly assess and correct your investments. Our financial consultants take the hassle out of investment management and possess the knowledge and expertise that will assist you in getting the most from your money.

We’ll get to know you, what your aspirations are for your future, and how much investment risk you are comfortable with. You’ll find a detailed investment plan, and then we will manage your investment portfolio to make that strategy a reality.

Whether you are saving money for your child’s education, retirement or to grow your wealth, we can help.

What’s discretionary portfolio management?

Discretionary portfolio management is where investments are regularly bought and sold in your portfolio on your behalf.

We assess risk profile based on your objectives, when you need to reach them, and your capacity for loss. This will determine which sort of assets we invest into and how we manage those for you.

Every decision is guided by a comprehensive financial plan that we agree on before we begin.

Our investment strategies will aim to provide you with a regular income, increase your wealth for the future, or a mixture of the two.

You will receive monthly updates on how your investments are performing, the choices we have made, and why we’ve made them. Your investment adviser is always available, should you wish to learn more, or if your goals have changed. We offer secure online access to real-time reports for all our clients. 

Why choose Godiva Wealth Management?

We take time to understand our customers as people, and you will receive tailor-made advice just for you.

There will be no pressure to take commercially available investments which are not quite right for you. Instead, you’ll receive a clear plan and support from our expert team dedicated to putting that strategy into action.

We will help you understand the numerous financial services available, tailor the right solution to your specific needs and help make your money work harder. Clear, professional advice.

We know that sometimes financial plans change and there could be a time later when we’re not quite right for you. That is why we charge no exit fee* and we will even suggest another adviser for you to use.

We pay for the cost for your first meeting and there is no obligation to proceed.

Take the right steps to grow, manage & preserve your wealth with an investment adviser you can trust. Call now on 02476 998058 or contact us through our website to discover more about how we can assist you.

All financial and investment management services are provided by Godiva Wealth Management Ltd which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
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