When taxes and trusts aren’t managed properly, this not only affects those with money but their loved ones too. For example, somebody who is self-employed needs to manage their finances and taxes to avoid overpaying, underpaying, or forgetting altogether.

Elsewhere, people who want to leave money or assets for family members need to go about this in the right way. Otherwise, those same family members will be left paying significant sums of inheritance tax. Sadly, we’ve also seen stories of long court battles with families having assets taken away as a result of poor tax and trust planning.

‘The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation or trust advice’ whichever is relevant.


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Tax Planning

Both as an individual and as a business entity, there are certain tax responsibilities you have. As well as paying income tax on anything you earn over a certain amount, you need to think about corporation tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax (for those who have assets).

We can assist with all things tax-related. Whether you’re contacting us as an individual or a business (or both)! We can assist in getting your taxes in order. We recommend reaching out sooner rather than later because it’s always good to have a plan. When you’re trying to pay bills or grow a business, the last thing you need is an unexpected tax bill.

With the right tax planning, you know what to expect at all times and there are no nasty surprises. Get specialist tax advice today.

At Godiva Wealth Management, our specialist independent tax and trust consultants can simplify the process of tax and trust planning, taking the burden from your shoulders. Get past the financial jargon, allow us to sort all the paperwork, and smile in the knowledge that you’re going to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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Trust Planning

Thanks to our own experience in this niche, we understand how confusing and frustrating trusts can be. There are so many, they all act in different ways and can be regulated differently, and the terminology itself can lead to headaches (settlor, trustee, beneficiary, etc). If you want to ensure your assets go into the right hands at a time of your choosing, we can help.

There are several different types of trust;
• Bare trusts
• Interest in possession trusts
• Mixed trusts
• Accumulation trusts
• Settlor-interested trusts
• Discretionary trusts
• Non-resident trusts

Considering that they’re all taxed differently, we’ve seen lots of people come to us feeling flustered and on the verge of giving up. Of course, trusts are also a fantastic way to pass assets down to children and grandchildren, so they also recognise the importance of getting it sorted.


At Godiva, we offer a tailored service that helps make your business more efficient and more profitable

Tax and Trust Advice: Not only do we have the knowledge you need for saving and investing, we can also make everything much more straightforward. We’ll simplify the process and help you to navigate the tricky waters of exposure to risk, saving and investment opportunities. Even as your goals and needs shift over time, our flexible service will adjust too.

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If you need help with tax and trust planning, just dial our number or send an email. According to government statistics, there were around 156,000 trusts in place in 2016/17; whether you’re included in this statistic or you’re looking to set up a trust, we can make your life easier.

Advice on tax and trusts

Meanwhile, tax management is an essential part of all businesses (large and small). With a wonderful team of independent financial advisors, we have a full understanding of the regulations and have experience in helping both businesses and individuals!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today; one of our professionals will answer any questions you have!

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